Are Your Vitamins Good For You?

Do you ever wonder if your vitamins good for you? I have.

Most of my life I’ve been a terrible vitamin taker. I wanted to believe in the virtue of vitamins and minerals, but I never felt any different whether I was taking any supplements or not. As a matter of fact, the only thing that seemed different was the bright yellow color I left in the toilet bowl to remind me that the vitamins I just took were about ready to be flushed down the drain. Why take a supplement if my body doesn’t even absorb it?

It gets pretty old to hear about how supplements are foundational to health and listening to everyone explain why their vitamins are the very best. doTERRA is no different. They brag on their vitamin/mineral/omega pack (Life Long Vitality or LLV), claiming they will change your life. So confident that you’ll feel different that they give you a full 30-day money back guarantee. Take them for a whole month and if you feel no better at the end, give them the empty bottles and they will give you back your money.

Still, I rolled my eyes. I’m all about the benefits of essential oils, but vitamins? Meh. I know we need them. I know we don’t get what we need in the food we eat, even if we’re eating super healthy. Food today isn’t the same as it used to be. Soils are depleted, seeds are contaminated, and the quality and quantity of the minerals and nutrients we need are just flat out missing.

After awhile, I started hearing reports about people taking LLV. They were all from people I didn’t know: Nighttime restlessness disappearing. Eyesight improving. Pain decreasing. All sorts of crazy things. I blew them off. For all I knew, they were all a bunch of crazies.

But then a friend, who had problems sleeping, said she started sleeping soundly after she started taking LLV.

And then another friend said she could feel a huge difference in energy and alertness after only a couple days on LLV.

And then a relative texted me to say her energy level increased massively and she started dropping extra pounds effortlessly on LLV.

And finally a friend who struggles with fairly deep, dark sad felt a shift as the sadness lifted within the first week of being on LLV.


I can blow off ‘stranger’ reports, but it’s harder to blow off people I know that are telling me amazing things about the differences in their lives. So, after about a year, I finally gave in and tried the Life Long Vitality pack myself. And you know what? They’re not like ANY vitamin I’ve ever tried before. I, too, can feel the difference.

The Life Long Vitality pack is a set of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and omegas. They’re made from real food. No ingredient in any of these supplements is synthetic. Just honest to goodness real food that our bodies can metabolize and use.Life Long Vitality Pack

The company insists that nature can teach us if we listen for clues. For example, most vitamins on the market contain Vitamin E, right? But did you know most vitamin products use synthetic Vitamin E? Naturally occurring Vitamin E contains EIGHT different compounds, yet most supplements contain only ONE of those compounds (and usually that is in a synthetic form which our bodies can’t metabolize). doTERRA, however, decided that if Vitamin E has eight compounds in nature, they were all important. So, they kept all eight of them intact and use real, whole vitamin E in their product.

Things like this are what make a big difference. Enough of a difference that the Life Long Vitality is doTERRA’s best seller. And comes with that 30-day guarantee.

If you want to know more details about what is in the Life Long Vitality pack, read this. It will tell you more than I can about the fine details.

Oh and by the way…that yellow color in the toilet bowl I mentioned? Yep, it’s non-existent with Life Long Vitality. All the vitamins I take now stay in my body, helping me make up for the deficit in the food of our modern world.

If you’re ready see what all those missing whole-food nutrients can do for you, let me know. I can set you up with a risk-free 30-day experiment of your own. What do you have to lose? (Well, besides some weight, some aches and pains, some restless nights, some lethargic afternoons…and, well, you get the idea…)

Best Essential Oils {for Children}

What are the Best Essential oils for Children?

With all the ‘hype’ about the healing wonders of essential oils, many people are asking these questions:

Are essential oils safe for children?

And if so, what are the best essential oils to use for children?

For the first question the answer is: Yes. And no. Doesn’t clear it up much, does it?

Let me explain…


There are many essential oils that are safe to use on babies and children, in a diluted form. Since children have smaller, more sensitive, less toxic bodies, the dose they need of these powerful oils will be significantly less than an adult.

Diluting EO’s in a good carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) will help protect small bodies from too much of a good thing all at once. It also helps protect their skin from full-strength essential oils.

(We sometimes forget how powerful these oils are because they come in such a small package and leave such a small drop. But remembering that one drop of peppermint oil is the same as 24 cups of peppermint tea helps remind me these oils might be small, but they carry a big punch.)

Guidelines for diluting essential oils for use on children:

For newborns and infants, dilute 1-2 drops of oil in 2 tablespoons carrier oil.

For older children, dilute 1-2 drops of oil in 1/2- 1 tablespoon carrier oil.

(The above is also good for pregnant women, elderly folks, and people with lots of sensitivities.)

As with most good things, moderation and safety is the key.

And the NO?

When using essential oils on children, the quality of oil is very important. Make sure you’re using certified pure grade oils. Not all oils are created equal and some are not good to use, for children or adults. If you question the purity, don’t use it.

Some oils, generally citrus oils, are photosensitive. This means if you rub them on your skin and go outside in the sunshine, you will experience a reaction (most likely a rash) on the exposed skin. Although lemon and orange oils are safe to use with children, be mindful of this aspect when using oils on their skin before going outside.

Some oils are just too strong (and hot) to use safely on children. If in doubt, do your research first. It’s better to err on the side of caution every time.

Using therapeutic grade essential oils that are properly diluted is a good start for safety. Be careful when using them topically (diluted) to apply on areas where the child can’t accidently rub the oil into their eyes (bottoms of feet, at the base of neck, etc. but not on hands, for instance). If EO’s do get into eyes, use a carrier oil (not water) to dilute the oils (water will just spread it, oil will mix with it and dissipate the stinging).

You can also use the oils aromatically (in a diffuser) for increased safety. Some of EO’s actually work better diffused than any other way and it will clean germs and the air in the whole area, not just on the child.

With these safety measures in mind, what are the best essential oils for children? Here are 12 great oils to get you started:

Best Essential Oils to Use on Children | Creating Health From Scratch

(This is just a start. And, the oils listed above are good for many, many issues and conditions, not just the ones I mentioned.)

Anything, even awesome good for you things, can become bad if misused. In the end, if you follow proper dilution recommendations and make sure you’re using therapeutic grade essential oils, the best essential oils for children depend on what is needed for your specific situation and your family in that moment. The more you learn about and use essential oils, the more you will see the benefit of them for the whole family. Even for the littlest members.

(Healthy Summer) Reading List

Reading List: Eat to LiveOkay, I know the world is full of summer reading lists: Great novels to take you away from your boring existence and transport you somewhere more interesting than you currently are. And those lists are awesome. I love good novels, too…but that’s not what this short list is about. I’ve read a couple good books lately and thought I’d pass them along to you. Neither are gripping novels to help you forget your every day life. But both are destined to be game changers in your life and health. And that’s way more long-lasting than reading a good novel any day.

The first book on our reading list, Food & Behavior: A Natural Connection by Barbara Reed Stitt details the role nutrition plays in her job working with convicted felons. (She’s a probation officer). Barbara began questioning the diet of the people assigned  to her as part of their probation and  saw some alarming things in common. So, she tried a radical approach and pulled them all off drugs, alcohol, sugar, dairy and refined foods. The results were so amazing that the judges would assign felons to probation with Barbara and require them to follow her diet as part of  their  probation. Only twenty percent of the people  assigned to probation with Barbara would re-offend. Without exception those re-committing crimes stopped eating the way they were instructed. The 80% that stayed on the diet, never got in trouble with the law again.

Now, you might be thinking, “Interesting, but I’m not a convicted felon.” True. I’m not either. But do you feel sluggish? Do you have kids that are ADD or ADHD? Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night? Do you have problems remembering or learning things? What about allergies or asthma? This book gives compelling evidence to look at the food you eat and how it affects your (and you family’s) brain, behaviors, diagnoses, moods, learning abilities, allergies, sleeping patterns and the like. Many ‘problem behaviors’ can be corrected with diet alone and this book points you in the right direction and backs it up with research and success stories.

The second book on our reading list is called Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition Revised Edition by Fuhrman, Joel published by Little, Brown and Company (2011) Paperback, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. This book actually goes very well with the above book about food and behavior. Dr. Fuhrman cites tons of research and examples (in a non-boring way) that pretty much shatters what we’ve all grown up learning. For example, did you know that 200 calories of broccoli has 11g of protein and 200 calories of steak only has 5g?

Although the title of the book talks about weight loss, it’s more than that as far as I’m concerned: It’s enlightening about nutrition and what is good to eat for optimal health. The weight loss is just a fringe benefit. The first 2/3 of the book states Dr. Fuhrman’s case as to why he believes we should all eat this way. Then, there’s a section of recipes to help get you thinking about what that way of eating actually looks like. (And for those of you really into research, the last 1/4 of the book is footnotes backing up what he says in the front.)

He also suggests a 6-week plan to eat the way he details in the book. Since there are so many life stories of health turn-around sprinkled throughout the book, I decided to try it out and see what would happen. In the process of talking to friends about it, there is now a group of us that I’m calling the ‘beta  test  group’ that just started this 6-week journey last Monday. I will keep you posted about our progress (And we’ll lead you guys through it too, when we’re done, so read the book now and get a head start!)

Summer is a great time to eat healthy and start better-for-you  lifestyle changes. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables grow in abundance. Just for a little teaser, I’m going to give you a recipe for a yummy breakfast from Eat to Live. I’ve been eating it a lot  this summer and loving it.

Banana Breakfast | Eat to Live this summer | Reading List

PS The book says to stir and then microwave the above ingredients for 3 minutes. I personally think it tastes better just eating it cold and uncooked (no, really, try it! If you don’t like it that way, you can always cook it after the first bite!) and I also add a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon on top.

Hope you enjoy our summer reading list!


Natural Remedies for Seasonal Discomfort

Spring tends to be one of the hardest times for many people. Nature wakes up from winter anxious to bloom, while spreading tiny pollen through the air. Somewhere within the body of an allergy sufferer, their immune system senses the presence of pollen and goes on alert. It fights off the foreign invader, defending the body by rushing antibodies to the site of entrance: the respiratory system where the pollen was inhaled. A surplus of antibodies releases histamines which cause swelling, itching, increased mucus production and dark circles under the eyes.

Why Do People Suffer From Seasonal Discomfort?

The body thinks it’s doing its job, defending you from potential harm, just like it was designed to do. The person with seasonal discomfort probably wouldn’t agree. And there are a lot of those who sufferer out there: Up to 40% of children and 30% of adults (and the numbers are rising although nobody seems to know why).

For some, the runny nose, watery (and/or itchy) eyes, sneezing, and coughing, are a mere annoyance. For others, it leads to more serious complications such as sinus or ear issues or even asthma. Most look to over the counter medications for relief, but those over the counter solutions aren’t very good for your body. Some medications work by releasing antihistamines that block the release of your body’s histamines. A common affect is sleepy and/or drunken-like behavior. Others work by reducing inflammation with the use of steroids. Some of these ‘safe’ medications encourage all sorts of complications in the body and shouldn’t be used for extended periods of time. Some are even known to have some cancer-causing properties in them.

Natural Seasonal Support

There is some good news, though. Essential oils can help support the body naturally do what it wants to do: heal itself. Many people find relief through three common essential oils, mixed together in equal parts: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. No drugs. No complications. No overdose/over use issues. Safe enough for a child to administer to themselves.

Here’s all you do: Simply mix equal parts lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils into a clean vial or bottle. Shake. Use in one of these ways:

  1. Drop a drop or two directly on your tongue whenever allergy symptoms are bugging you.
  2. Drop a drop or two in a small amount of water and drink all at once.
  3. Drop a drop of two into your hand, rub your hands together, cup your hands over your mouth and nose and breathe in deeply.
  4. Put a few drops in a diffuser (the kind that DOESN’T heat up) and use it in the room you’re hanging out in.

Because there is no risk of overdose, you can use any or all of the methods above as often as needed. (Remember, this is not like traditional medication where you take it every 4-6 hours. Small doses at regular intervals are best.) Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint might just become the best friend to those who suffer seasonal discomfort.

Also, remember, unless you’re using doTERRA oils, read the labels. Most essential oils out there aren’t of medicinal grade and therefore not safe to take internally.

If mixing your own blend feels like too much of a hassle, you’re in luck. doTERRA just released their TriEase Seasonal Discomfort Blend that contains all three of these oils in one vegetable caplet for easy swallowing. TriEase | Natural Remedies

Another oil blend that some find helpful is called BREATHE, which is formulated to help support the body in ways that help it open airways and allow for easier breathing. This blend contains laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus radiata, melaleuca alternaifolia, lemon, and ravensara and is already mixed together and ready to use.

Going Beyond Symptoms

While the above oil solutions will help you deal with symptoms of seasonal (and animal, etc.) discomfort, often there’s a reason besides the obvious (pollen, pet hair) that your body is reacting to. To attack the problem at the root of the issue, another great help is the Life Long Vitality Pack. This pack of multi-vitamins, minerals, essential oils, omega fats is formulated to support the body in proper nutrition and functioning. Often, once the body gets what it needs, all sorts of symptoms disappear.

The LLV works so well for people, the company actually has a 30-day money back guarantee. If you take them for 30 days and don’t feel better, they’ll give you your money back. 100%. No questions asked.

If you suffer from seasonal discomfort, there are natural solutions! Try them. And let us know how they work for you.