Four For Free

Four For Free

That is right this month you can get four essential oils Spearmint, Cumin, Tangerine, and Dill for free with every single 200pv order. So if you are just signing up with doTERRA and get the Home Essentials Kit (225pv) or any of the bigger kits you’ll get these 4 oils as well. For those who are already members of doTERRA you just need to check your pv’s are over 200 and if you want more than one of these you can place a separate 200pv order and get this deal again (4 max).

What I love about these specials is that it provides an opportunity to get these oils that are not regularly available and all of these are great in the kitchen too!!

The four for free oils you get include:

Spearmint Essential Oil: which we are all familiar with from candies, chewing gum & toothpaste. But it can also be good for cooking and flavoring, digestive support, emotional wellness, and immune support, especially in regards to infections (respiratory, viral, etc), as well as mosquitos, radiation symptoms, fungus, and more. Emotionally, it can help uplift a person’s mood.

Cumin Essential Oil: Cumin is most known as a spice in the kitchen, especially for things like curry’s, chili and Tex-Mex. But did you know that it is good on several levels for the gut and digestive system? (You can see more about that in this article.) Cumin is also good for the nervous system, helping to support mood, even good for respiratory, circulatory, muscles and skin.

Tangerine Essential Oil: we all know how amazing and delicious Tangerines smell but it also benefits the immune system, skin, is a digestive aid, and is an emotional  support, uplifting moods and said to impact a person’s creativity. It has also shown effective against bacterial and microbial infections, as well as certain viral infections.

Dill Essential Oil: probably mostly know again for its use in the kitchen, think pickles, Dill is great as a flavoring agent but it is also good for the stomach, for spasms, digestive support, as a disinfectant, for lactating mothers Dill can increase the formation and enhancing the quality of milk in the breasts. Dill can also promote the quick healing of wounds, either external or internal, and protect them from infections.

As you can see these four free essential oils are great in the kitchen but have many more benefits to offer as well.

I’ve got my order in! Let us know if we can help you get yours.

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