Join doTERRA Wholesale

Join doTERRA Wholesale

If you’re ready to change your life with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, you’re ready for doTERRA. Joining up with doTERRA will allow you to buy oils at wholesale prices (and even below wholesale in some cases). The process is simple (similar to, but easier than getting your own  Costco or Sam’s Club wholesale membership card).


Follow these steps and in less than 10 minutes, you will be on your way to health at wholesale prices:

Join doTERRA Wholesale

Step One: Click on this link (doTERRA Wholesale Enrollment)

Step Two: Select the option “Wholesale Prices”. This allows you to buy products at wholesale cost (25% discount from retail). You are NOT required to make minimum purchases, sell anything, or become a business consultant for doTERRA. There are no hidden agendas or hidden fees. You spend as much as you want, when you want, how you want. Period.

Step Three: Fill out the top of the application with your information. Some of this information is asked for tax purposes (because it IS possible to make money with doTERRA if you ever choose to do so), and also to make sure nobody opens more than one wholesale account with doTERRA.

Step Four: Enter a password.

Step Five: Read the terms and conditions and check the box.

Step Six: Read the virtual office usage agreement and check box (the virtual office will allow you to make and track your purchases online–again, there are no required purchasing, this is just to make it easy for YOU).

Step Seven: Select how you would like to enroll. There is a $35 enrollment fee, HOWEVER, by selecting a specially priced kit, that $35 fee is waived. Because the kits are priced at additional  savings and because the $35 fee is waived, most people enroll by selecting an enrollment kit.  Click HERE to view the enrollment kits.

If you’d rather skip the kits and select the products individually, then choose the option of the $35 enrollment fee and move on to the drop down menu to select the products you’d like to purchase now. These items will be added to your cart.

Step Eight: Choose whether or not you will be part of the Loyalty Rewards Program. This is an optional component and works much like a ‘frequent flier program’. You agree to buy regularly, and in return, you receive from 10-30% of your total purchases back to use on products of your choice.  (You’re also reimbursed in product credits for your shipping on the LRP program!) For more information about the Loyalty Rewards Program, click here. You can join or leave this program whenever you want, and it’s free to be part of it. An additional benefit with the LRP program is that all the money you spend on shipping is credited back to you in product points to use on whatever you want. (For example, your order is $8.99 for shipping, you get $9.00 credited  to you to use later on products of your choice). To learn more about the Shipping Rewards, click here.

Step Nine: Click the ‘Continue’ button. You’ll be directed to a page where you will have the opportunity to review all your information and  purchases. If it all looks good, fill out your payment information and submit it all.

Step Ten: Congratulations! You’re now officially a member of doTERRA and have the ability to buy any and all products whenever you want, at a 25% discount off of retail prices. You will be receiving an email from doTERRA shortly, giving you information on how to get into your virtual office (where you will place future orders). We will also be sending you out an email welcoming you to the team.

If you have questions, !

OPTIONAL Step: If you are interested in a full or part-time income, here’s more information. You’ll get great training and support, have the ability to work from home on your schedule, with no more start up costs than you just spent on the above kit and/or products, with an awesome company and amazing team, to help people solve their physical and financial concerns with essential oils. What’s not a win/win about that?