Set Up Online Business

When you become a wholesale member at doTERRA, the company itself gives you a website for free where you can send potential customers, order your own products and track lots of things in the back office. (If you’re not already a member, click here to see my website and see how it looks. Everyone gets the same set up.) This free doTERRA website is indispensable and we use ours multiple times a day.

However, this is NOT what we’re talking about here.

Some wholesale members who decide to run doTERRA as a business (who then become  Wellness Consultants), create an additional online web presence to attract potential customers to their site. (Which is one of the objectives we have for  doing this site.) The theory behind this kind of website is using relevant keywords and articles to draw people searching for what you have to offer right to your website home page. They are looking for you, not the other way around.

Because we’re often asked how to set up a website like this, we decided to give you a step by step guide to set up your own online business. Follow this guide and set up a website yourself, or if you’re unsure of your web building skills (or don’t have time to devote to a project like this) we know a great design team that can do it for you.

Setting up your own Online Business:

Step One: Think about what you want your website/blog to accomplish, who your potential visitors are and what they’re needs are.

Step Two: Once you are clear on your goal, select a domain name for your website/blog that reflects your purpose (You will get a domain name as part of your hosting package below, if you don’t already have one.)

Step Three: Buy a hosting plan. This will be where your website will be located on the world wide web so people can get to you. InMotion Hosting is the hosting company we’ve used for years and they are very affordable ($5.99/mo and up) and have great ( free) tech support. Their hosting plans include one domain registration. (If you’ve already got a domain name, you can transfer it to InMotion if you want.)

Step Four: If you’re not building your own site from scratch, you’ll need a theme to get you started. We use the themes over at StudioPress. There are many to choose from and they run on the Genesis framework which helps drive traffic to you. The themes are easily  customizable to whatever look you want, and you can see demo themes in action before you buy one.

Step Five: If you’re using a StudioPress theme, you will need to install Wordpress software on your server (InMotion). This is free and only takes seconds to install.

Step Six: Use a keywording tool (like GoogleAds, which is free, or other services which have paid subscriptions) to find keywords that others are searching for that are relevant to your online business and what you’re wanting to say to the world. The key here is to get keywords that have lots of people using them, but very few people answering the question all those people are asking. (This tool was actually set up for people who are bidding on keywords to use in ad, but we can use it to see how many people each month are ‘Googling’ specific words and terms and how many sites are addressing those terms.)

Step Seven: Take those keywords and craft pages and posts filled with well-written content aimed at informing your visitors and answering their questions.

Step Eight: Add visual images to your site. If you don’t have any of our own, you can use stock images for reasonable prices. (save 20% at Stocksy with this code: SPFOTO20)

Step Nine: Hook your site to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and start letting people know you’re there.

Step Ten: Continue to add content and build an audience. If you do it right, you will be bringing a stream of traffic to your site that are the exact kind of potential customers you’re after.

If any part of this process feels overwhelming to you, stop over and talk to our design friends about how they can help. They’ve got special packages and deals for doTERRA wholesale customers and Wellness Consultants. Chat with them about what you’re after and they will hook you up with what you need–whether that be a bit of tweaking here and there, or a whole full blown set up.