Free Sample

We understand some people need to experience something to ‘see for themselves’. Because we think doTERRA essential oils are above and beyond any other oils out there, we’re willing to give you that experience for free. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send a free sample to you. We’ll check back with you after you’ve used it to see how you feel about it. No pressure. No strings. We don’t have to sell it because it sells itself.

Ready for the challenge?

(We respect your privacy and will never sell or give your name or contact information to anyone. If you try our products and feel like they’re not for you, we also won’t harass you to try to change your mind. We’re just not like that.)

Due to international shipping costs we may not be able to provide a sample to our international friends. We would however like to hear from you, if you are interested, so we can send you something flat and/or find another way to support you (its possible we could have a local team member in your area that could fulfill the sample).

Please only request a free sample if you are 18 years or older and are not already a member of doTERRA. Thanks.